Wednesday, 8 April 2015

March 22

 March 22
Well from that story i am glad you are alright, its snowing bad again?? I thought it was like 14 degrees. You totally just reminded me of your mom in the part where you said you burst out laughing, hahah, that's pretty good. Just continue to be careful. As for the service, keep it up. That is super awesome, you are being blessed by that. So about you moving then, are you guys gonna stay in Edmonton after dad is done school or you gonna move back to Lethbridge? or do you even know? 

Things here are great. Same old as well, I am pretty much over all culture shocks. I love giving stuff away to other people and seeing them so happy, i gave some stickers to some kids and they were in heaven, they put them all over there faces and ran around.
What else, we are teaching a new Jehovah's witness guy, he is interesting, not sure how interested he is in the gospel vs. just trying to prove Jehovah's are right but we will see, I have some pretty good questions for him next time that I am almost certain will stump him, lol. I talked to that American in my ward named brother Steve, he know soo much, we talked all about doctrine stuff and some other things, dang I am learning a whole ton of stuff at the moment its literally blowing my mind its sooooooo cooool some of the stuff with the gospel and patterns and the plan of salvation and even a little about temples, as much as can be said outside the temple that is. 

District meetings, well they are an hour and a half, and we go to the church, we share Christ like attributes, shining moments, what to do in an emergency, then after stuff like that our district leader teaches and then we practise teach. They really isn’t a whole lot to tell about, our district leader right now I am a little unsure about, me and the sdl's, or sister training leaders are the only Americans and we look at each other confused sometimes, but then after that we go out and eat. Literally anywhere, haha. But that's about it.  There have been some good ones in the past, some funny ones. Our district leader in my last area asked two companionships to share that day and the first one took the whole time and more, haha, and they knew they were too, i was laughing, and the district leader and me kept laughing at each other, shaking our heads. It was great. 

Tonight we have some basketball which i am excited about, it should be good, some real basketball with some investigators and less actives. Umm, p days right now are usually the same, wake up, studies, email, groceries, clean apartment/laundry( the bane of my existence, my raw fingers after washing garments, shirts, and socks and slacks for ever) and then work, and then basketball in the evening after the sun is down. That's about it, I have started eating way less rice, I have lost weight, I am getting in shape again, and I have been doing p90x as well, I even have gotten several people to notice I have lost weight. Its been 2 and a half weeks and people are noticing, lol. Well I can't think much else to say at the moment.

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