Wednesday, 8 April 2015

January 18

Pastylan I forgot to say...Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!  Dang you can surprise me with some tickets one day too, that’d be cool, but if you don't I will forgive you. Maybe I will surprise you guys one day. So yes the baptism happened and I was super excited.  It went great, lots of fun and I got to baptise her. Finally I used my temple clothes. It was great to be able to experience, I was so happy for her, it makes me excited to baptise my own kids one day.

Everyone is pretty awesome here, I have really grown to love so many people, it wasn't until I got here that I realised how much I would actually learn to love them. I just want them to grow in the gospel and do what is best.  This mission is not easy, I still think it is the hardest thing I have ever done. Especially at first, when no one speaks English and everything is different and you work hard long days everyday. It is flying though, I am past my six months mark.

The weather is...normal...for here. Rain, couple typhoons, hot sunny days. Same old, same old. I miss cold...i don't remember what it feels like, haha, I will definitely be here in this area until the end of February. Every six weeks is transfer calls. The way it usually works, new missionary come in, learns the area one transfer, then the old missionary transfers and the new one stays and trains the next missionary. Sometimes though you are only in an area for one transfer, or sometimes more if they don't want to transfer either missionary. So we shall see.  Anyway love you lots, talk to you later, and stay safe, and tell those Aunts of mine to slow down having babies and tell their kids to pause growing up until I am back. Love you all tons, 

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