Wednesday, 8 April 2015

March 1st

 March 1

So that's great about the stake calling, I am sure it will be awesome, just don't be stressed, I don't know how else to put it, hahah, its easy for me to say but I don't think the calling was given to you so you can stress, just listen to the spirit and know everything will work out just great. But stress is natural and I am going on a rant.

So packages, the office does that and they just take it out of our support, its all good though. Finances are good, I got your nativity set being made, it will be pretty good I hope, and it is made out of tugas, a type of heavy wood only found in the part of the Philippines in the entire world. Should be good. 

Did I tell you that in my first area during one of our typhoons, a little title wave washed up on shore and swept some people and there homes into the ocean in the middle of the sad, i am a bit inland so that's good. 

HAHAHAHAHA i can see you getting mad at Zach, i look at that now when you get mad at people and totally just laugh about it cause i remember the olden days, i sent a letter home by the way with tons of pictures on an sd card. so expect that in a month or so hopefully. 

Well my new place is great, the ward is just awesome and I have been really affected. So, I was thinking, after the mission where am i going to school and who am I going to marry...because I can't think of any girls from America quite as pretty as mom, they don't where make up and there are some that are drop dead gorgeous!!!! In my ward too, like I don't know if it would happen but I have totally thought about coming back and marrying a Filipino,  that would be almost impossible and so tough but dang mom, dang. Good thing i got missionary work to focus on and keep me busy. hahaha

And oh ya, people don't have homes here, the other day I helped clean up some ones house from the earthquake still which was intense. The cockroaches... the chickens were having a hay day running and eating them. It was pretty cool to see that, but sad about the house. They have a little house with tarp walls.  Well thanks a ton for the update, I love hearing about everyone. Love you too, 

elder schnoor

a broken home

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