Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Feb. 1

FEb 1

Well, another week. How is the birthday girl or should I say "princess" (from the cruise). How was your birthday Ivy girl, I am writing on your birthday I think still, at night though. Well anyway, tell me about it, and about basketball. 

So yesterday...I got your package. And I have no idea why you stressed mom, that was absolutely the best package ever. There was not one thing in it that wasn't awesome, it felt like Christmas morning. The mac and cheese, the chips, the candy, the ring was awesome, thank you so much, it is awesome and fits just right! The letters, the cds and stuff, that is awesome. I am interested to listen to that Joseph smith cd, or cds. Anyway, it made my fast all the harder because I couldn't eat any of it until 9 at night, lol, it was just tooo awesome. But you don't need to send such a big one but I am super grateful. I honestly got excited about every single item! So this last week has been another week. Me and elder Cordova dont get along quite like my last companions, but that is nothing to worry about. I am still loving the mission. I feel like I have gained so much, and I am learning so much too! I feel like my mind is opening to so much. I cant believe it, and I think one of my favourite things is I smile at literally anyone and they return that smile. 

So what else to tell you, um I measured myself on a scale at the mission office, before my mission i weighed 157 ish, now I weigh 182...i am growing, but i am not super fat, I mostly have filled out, I look at the old pictures of me and I was skinny. Not much. I plan on doing that p90x in the morning starting at least at my year mark. That will get me back in shape. I refuse to come home fat. 

So how was Ivy's birthday?? And thanks, I got so much of what I have learned from just listening to talks and doctrine stuff, lol, sorta deep, just explained super good! I am glad it sounded good, I meant it. And that does mean a lot from you and dad, I honestly miss you all so much but I am not gone forever. I will be back soon, time is going quick. I honestly can say though I think I have grown a lot too, and I honestly didn't realize how much I loved you guys until I got out here. I miss everyone so much. And just a thought, how is grandma and her plays? And max? And send me more pictures of the family, I like putting them in my scriptures and books and stuff. I got to go pretty quick here, love you all tons, I look forward to email so much every week, I wish I had longer sometimes but oh well. 

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