Wednesday, 8 April 2015

January 25

So i will say my prayers were answered, I have prayed countless times for ivy's ankle...its healed, not biggy. ;) lol, I will keep praying though, and I will pray for this business of yours. Just have faith and know whatever happens is for your good, to refine you and shape you into more. As for my mission, the words come into my mind often, from Elder Bednar at a talk given in the MTC to missionaries "its not about you, get over yourself" ....its not about me mom, and that's whats keeping me going. And of course you guys, I am learning, truly I am on the Lord's errand, I have been called, called to serve a mission now at this time in this place. There is nothing else that matters. Take a rope that extends forever to the left and to the right when it is tight. It goes forever. To the left is before the earth, and to the right is after the earth. Now take a little piece of string and wrap it around the middle. That is our life on earth. It can get super super hard, it can hurt, it can be sad, hard, whatever, it is worth it because what comes after this life is infinitely better. Its not worth it not to endure and do whats right here on the earth. Its not worth it. This life is but an instant. My spiritual 

So this week was fun. I got to do two service projects. That was fun. The first reminded me of landscaping. We had to tear up some cement and shovel dirt for a few hours, haha, but the other was planting rice. It was actually sort of fun. I enjoyed it...but I only did it three hours, not my entire life. It would be super hard to do. My back Almost though. And it is actually hard! But ya, got to go almost knee deep at times  in mud. I was dirty. But ya. Not a whole lot new happened here either. 

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