Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Feb. 24

This last week was probably one for the better weeks. We were able to baptize another one of our investigators and he has such great potential. He truly was amazing to watch. He was such a miracle. Back in December when I first arrived he was not a very happy camper. He really despised the missionaries. He would get mad at them, not listen, and was just super hard hearted. My first time teaching him....which took a long time to finally get an appointment.....was terrible, he pretended to sleep, didn't listen. I honestly had know idea why elder Albar wanted to teach him. Well, I told elder Albar that he is pretty much in the dropping stages if this is how he is and has been for a while, but elder Albar didn't want to give up on him, so we didn't. We kept with him, and slowly, over time, he changed. He literally has become a new person. He reads, he prays, he attends church, he has even worked with us. I had the blessing to baptize him this last Saturday, and just last night I asked him to say the opening prayer for our lesson and he automatically knelt and got his whole family to kneel as well. It has been a real amazing lesson to me and I honestly think of it as a miracle. He has let the Savior into his life which is amazing. It has been great to see, honestly. 

Well also, before I forget, I am transferring Bohol, this time to the top to Calope. I have a giant catholic church across from my house, haha, but the best part, about 15 minutes away there is a Mcdonalds, one of few here. Well, it has been a tougher transfer but i learnt a lot and hopefully will continue to learn more. I cant believe how fast time is going though. How is your work going? Same with the family, same old i am assuming, hahaha. Elder Smith is doing good. So hmm what else...I have had some weird dreams lately, showing you around a mall in the Philippines and it was snowing outside and the zone leaders were chasing us, hahaha.  Well love you all tons, email again on Monday in Bohol. love you lots, 

Elder Schnoor

Oh ps. The lizard living in my ceiling was a black and yellow big monitor lizard if you want to look that up on youtube. or a jao or bawahak, lol. Oh I also had a nightmare experience the other day. I was planning and we had our window open. Well something moved out of the corner of my was a giant spider, just huge on our wall, and it was holding something....guess what........a sack...!!!!!!!! of eggs, so I went a little closer and it took off outside so i grabbed my airsoft gun and went after it. I shot it in a couple of legs, so it could only limp so i picked it up on the end of a broom and this is where is gets bad. Minnie spiders went everywhere. There were hundreds, falling down on webs, climbing towards my fingers, it was terrifying. I threw it outside and poured permethrine, poison on it, and they all died. that about it for that story, at least they were not in my hair...

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