Monday, 21 September 2015

September 13

 Here is a chicken I am plucking so we can eat We killed it too.

These are pictures of the dump site in our area. We have many investigators living here, and many people make their  living, sorting and going through trash. It stinks, and is hard to see. All the kids are always super super dirty, and one of our families lost two kids because they breathed in some stuff from a garbage that was poisonous.

So this picture says "polihog ayaw giihi diri" which translated straight to English means "please don't pee here" So just for laughs, i pretended to, but its not actually real, but i thought it was sort of funny.

This is the Mission home.  It is so beautiful.  

Me and Elder Foote, Elder Grey, President Tanner

Oh and guess what, I ate balute and videoed it but the video cant be sent home, so here is a picture. It is actually alright with taste and all, its just super gross looking that's for sure!!! The tiny little chick was inside and i pulled it out, it was so nasty!!

These kids live in the junk yard, they just finished showering in the rain and put on clean clothes! They look so terrible though, so dirty, matted grubby hair, its really sad to see! I love them so much for it though!! It doesn't even bother me as much anymore when they touch me, they are filthy but I can't see the Savior stuffing up his nose at them and I don't want to anyway, even if it means a bit of dirt to deal with. hahaha

My area is usually under water when it rains, all the water drains over this highway down into my area.  It was funny to watch people get splashed by the water and they usually saw it coming!  They didn't even try and dodge, lol

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