Monday, 5 January 2015


My companion is a great guy, and pretty funny at times too. The Christmas part was great. The party was really funny.  After we chatted we went to the party. People slowly showed up all day and then at 4 it actually started. I couldn't believe they spent the entire Christmas day at the church though, as much as I have loved my wards and all, that is quite a lot. Well the party started and it was basically a giant talent show of all the different people in the ward. Everyone either danced and sang, and the best part was the elders quorum. They all got up and did this choreographed dance and they all looked sooo funny doing it, I got a good laugh and I recorded it too.

Lots of people sang too, and lots of them were really bad, but it was great because people just do it anyway and have a great time. That’s another thing here, karaoke is huge, every day you here it. People hook up giant speakers to there tv and sing karaoke all day, and they are not even that good, some are soooo brutal! But no one cares unless you go to a real professional popular place.  This is rare but one guy sang a song bad a month ago ish and he was murdered after. That happened up in manila...they took it super seriously. Well we have a typhoon right now, a small one, but it has been frustrating because there was no power all day, and literally it is not even as bad as a thunderstorm back home. 

That's awesome about Christmas. Speaking of magic tricks, I have got some pretty cool magic tricks mastered now myself. Coin tricks, slight of hand, and card tricks too...and I think I got a little to good at one because I had to explain to one guy it wasn't sorcery, lol.  He asked if it was sorcery and I was like no no no no, definitely not, here I will show you...and I showed him the trick, haha, but it is so awesome.  It makes everybody like me more than just because I am white. And the Filipino's faces, oh boy they are priceless. 

That is a great topic for your talk. Temple is awesome. I have been to the temple i think 8 or 9 times already. I got some talks from Elder Albar who are given by a guy who served a senior mission here. He knew so much, and he taught classes each week to the people here and recorded them, and he has a website and he talks super in depth on everything. Angels, the second coming, literally everything. It is so good, his last name is Strout... I would try and look him up on the Internet. But I bet your talk went awesome, it sounds like it would have been a great talk. And if you were not nervous, then you nailed it. 

Of course I am excited for the baptism, but I haven't thought of it a whole ton, I mostly just think what am I teaching today...but it should be good, I hope she is ready. As for my area, I am starting to really love the people here again, but the area itself i would say I miss Bohol, this area is all jumbled and feels a bit disorganised at the moment. I am trying to work out the bugs. 

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