Thursday, 11 September 2014


Hey Family, ok, so we got to Cebu this morning. I am finally here, it feels so good. I have about 5 ish minutes to reply this week just to let you know I made it. This morning was crazy. They told us we were departing at 4:00, so we set our alarms for three. Well, we got a knock on our door at 2:55 that the bus was leaving!!!! Never gotten ready so fast in my life, I was up, half dressed and pulling my stuff out the door in literally seconds, hahah, but we actually had more time than we thought. It took a while to load all the luggage and a few other vans still needed to arrive so we had about half hour. Still pretty crazy though. The flight was one hour, and we made it safely. We met the mission president and his wife and everyone today and have been going through orientation. I got lucky, our president is really cool and chill, he is great! And you wouldn't believe who was on my flight and who was in the seats 2 down from me on the airplane. Those people Grandma Schnoor knows who are coming to Cebu! They took a short video of me, and some pictures and are gonna send them to Grandma. So crazy, some of my Filipino friends were like, there is someone who knows your mom here, and they took me to them at our terminal. I was so confused, they said someone who knew you...but I think they meant grandma, lol, it was pretty cool. Today has been great though, I will reply lots next week, we get up to 2 hours every P Day to reply. I can't wait to reply next week, I love you all lots!!  Oh and I am not sure if this is possible, but I would absolutely love some sort of music device with speakers to play music. Like a cd player or a little speaker and mp3 or anything. I know you probably can't, but if you see some and could that it would be great. And I would love Christmas music, classical music and church music on it. That is what we can listen too. I get to try balute, that duck embryo stuff tonight, and I meet my companion in the morning and go wherever I am serving tomorrow too. It is honestly a paradise here, the mission home is crazy nice. It is where the mission president lives and it has 7 bathrooms! Its so nice, it has a pool, hot tub, beside the is a paradise. I love you a lot, I will tell you a bunch and send a bunch of pictures next week hopefully!

Elder Schnoor

My official address

Elder Branden Schnoor
Philippines Cebu East Mission
The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints compound
National Highway, Bajac, Lilo-an
Cebu 6002, Philippines

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