Friday, 8 August 2014

Well dear elder is awesome!  You guys should send lots of letters through that, and you should tell family too if you haven't. So ya, grandpa was pretty emotional right as he left me on the curb, lol, i have never seen grandpa like that that I can remember. Oh my goodness about you and aunt amy crying, lol, I'm glad you have her though to hang with now!!!  And that sounds good about the house?  I bet kaden isn't too thrilled about that!!! hahaha, and Ivy, oh dear she hasn't learned to text yet.  How are those phones doing???? Oh my crap about that storm, I love storms so much!  Why did it have to happen right after I left, its a good thing it happened when it did though, oh my goodness!!!! hahaha, but ya i bet Zach was freaking out inside, if he wasn't crying lol.

So when I got to the MTC, they took me straight to class after dropping off my stuff, and when I walked in, all that Brother Johnson, my teacher, said was in Cebuano, so we had no idea what he was saying, it was so crazy to experience that and think that we will be learning that. Its been one week now, and I can speak Cebuano somewhat, I can bare testimony, pray, ask to commit, sorta talk, and we are just learning to make our own sentences now. So a couple days in, me and my companion had to already teach and investigator in Cebuano!!! It was ridiculous, but we did it and I think it went well. After that we set up another appointment and taught him again, and taught him how to pray and committed him to baptism. It was pretty cool!!!!! All in Cebuano!!!!! Since then we have just been getting ready to teach more. So me and my companion decided we were going to sing in the choir, and so we did and it was so awesome. So loud, and the spirit was so strong.  And we were told some amazing stuff during it. Then on tuesday we got to sing in a devotional and the guy who talked to us was and old man who was once a general authority, and he was the one who had "the other side of heaven" movie made after him. Not sure if you have seen that one, but it is a disney movie made about his mission to Tonga. The spirit is so strong here. Basketball is awesome. Not everyone can play, but a few can, and we get some good games going. We have gym space to play everyday for 50 minutes where we can do that!! The gym is so nice, literally a day before I got to the MTC, they redid the floors, and the gym is a huge gym with 8 "half court" places to play, then they have a four square area and volley ball area. And a track around up top and its all in door. He is a skinny tall samoan and he is just so athletic. The food is great, it is really good and theres lots of it. They serve lots of different stuff. Fries, burgers, onion rings, Mexican food, potatoes and chicken, ect., and all you can drink of pretty much anything. I see sterling 4 times a day, we have gym and meals together, and sometimes other times, like p day we have the same temple slot. My roommates rock, they are all easy to get along with, it is fun. Any way i have to go for this week, send me lots of dearelders!!

Love Elder Schnoor

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