Monday, 21 July 2014

It's official! I'm a missionary!

Well, today is the day I am taking off. I can't believe it is already here, it feels like just last week I opened up my call. I leave this afternoon to Cardston, then early in the morning I leave for Utah!!! The worst part of this though is saying good bye. I am going to miss my family and friends soooo much, but I can't wait till I get to the MTC. I just need to survive the full day drive down with no phone or iPod, i think i will probably sleep a lot. I got my first email back from my friend Sterling the other day and he told me that literally ten minutes after I get dropped off at the curb at the MTC I will be in a new language training class already learning how to speak Cebuana. I am very excited to learn to speak it and how to be a missionary.

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